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Looking for a Friendship to share what is in our hearts
I'm in search of a lady to share a warming friendship

My eyes are baby blue.  Light brown hair.
My looks are compared to a 55 ish polite gentleman.

I am not super tall, or over weight. I don't do weight  lifting so I am not a muscle body builder.
I have average looks. I am not a fantastic Sears Catalog model.  But, I'm a good hearted  man.

I am  laid back a bit.  Easy to get along with. Quiet or shy sometimes at first.  I tend to listen  more in the beginning.  I am a good listener with a warm  shoulder to lean on. A romantic heart.  I am a man of honor with strong beliefs in treating and being  treated  fair  and just.

My health is very good.  I have  only  been  to a doctor  around  three  times for minor things like colds etc.  I wear  glasses, and at one  time wore  contacts.

A favorite  meal  is Seafood,  then Mexican,  then  fast foods etc... I don't eat out very much, mostly on  weekends. Or special  occasions. You  don't  have  to be a real good cook.  I am Not very particular.  I eat a lot of regular  plain stuff.  It doesn't have to be exotic for me.

For my dream  girl,  she should  have  a very  kind and  loving heart.  A great  sense of humor.  Relativity  smart, but  not  necessarily a super  genius. A strong  willingness to learn  new  things.  Likes  going  places  together, shopping  at  the  mall, flea  markets, garage sales, the beach, movies, concerts.  Fair in looks, petite because I myself have a small  frame.  Likes a challenge  now and then.  Someone  who  can be more of a best friend and passionate lover combo-pack.  Someone to share intimate thoughts.  Willing to receive more  than their share of affection.  Spontaneity, likes nice surprises.  A zest for life.  A girl that I can idolize and trust with my heart.  You don't need to be a super model. Someone with enough experience in this world to know who and what they are.

Some of  the  things I dislike  are people who cheat  in  lines  to  get  ahead  of  others. Abusive  foul  language  irritates  me.  Those who brag constantly with no real truth or creditability  to  back  them  up.

I have only one grown child, at  the young  age of 21. She is living in North Carolina wither new guy and baby.

I am living in the North West  of Houston  near  the Katy area.  I moved from Fort Worth,  Texas USA  (where I was born) in 1977.  I have two sisters,  one in Fort Worth and the other in  Katy, Tx.   My father  is  living  and  doing well, he is my idol. Mom  is  in  Heaven.

My carrier  started  in electronics where I studied Radio and TV Repair for three years. Attended some  College.  I got a job repairing  commercial two-way radios and walkie talkies and  pagers for  several years at one company.  From there I went  into another business for myself in the home  building industry.  During the great home depression I was forced to return to electronics  where I spent ten years at one company, where we build  inventory  computers.  Now I work in the office doing data base projects at : Toshiba Corp. Resume

At  home  I  have  several  computers,  this  makes a good hobby for me. I have many other interest such as collecting old cameras, antiques, stamps, old  train  things, books, computer  software  and  hardware,  etc.  Photography,  Motorcycles, Hotrods,  Writing, Wood  working, Plants, and  Genealogy.

As for sports, I don't actually participate in football or baseball, however I will attend a game or two.  But mostly I just watch a little football  now and then. I am not a fanatic sports fan glued to the couch and TV. I will  play tennis, chess or cards etc.. Years ago I  liked  to  water ski,  roller skate and  ice skate  some.

A few times a year I might go see my dad.  I like to go to the beach. Taking trips is fun. I have been to the mountains and really liked that. I have been to Mexico and Hawaii once. 

I  have  a  motorcycle, bicycle, and  roller skates.  If I win the Lotto I will  buy an  airplane!

I  am  good with my hands  I can  build and repair most anything from cars to washing machines.  When I  read  it  is usually  reference  stuff, or  self help  books,  computer magazines, science.

Music,  I will listen to almost anything except Rap.  The oldie-but-goodies  is my  most appreciated, then I guess it would be Country & Western, Light rock , Slower big band stuff, not  much into Jazz, but hey,,, I'll  listen to  just  about a nything.   I love to slow dance, with my sweetheart in my arms.  Going to a night club once in a while is fun . I like to  listen to the music. Concerts  are  fun also. The  ones  at the park are a blast!  I can't  play  but  just a  bit on  my  keyboard.

I don't drink alcohol much, but I will drink socially in public.

I don't smoke,  never did. I don't do any drugs, never did,,,  I don't have any tattoo's.  I  hardly  gamble at all, only  the  lotto  with  about two dollars now and then, maybe a scratch off  once in a while.

Movies:   I like many different kinds.  Mostly Action, then Comedy,  Romance is still a favorite. It is hard to chose which one I like best. Guess it has to do with the mood I'm in  that  day,,,    I  will  sometimes  go  to  a  movie  theater  on  special  occasions,  or sometimes  I will rent one and snuggle with my sweetheart while  watching it on the big TV  at  home.  Could  you be  just  the  right  one  for  me?

If any of these qualities are similar to ones that your looking for in a friendship then let your decision be a YES and make that move to contact me, since I'm not by your side at this moment  I  don't know your reading my biography. 

You and I will neve know  each other if you don't take the first initiative now and send me a short "HELLO" note in an E-mail message.



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