Quantum Touch!
Welcome, This is a little information about one of my special loves Quantum Touch & Kathara Healing. I have been using these techniques for about 20 years now and I find it most fasanating. I have had some wonderful experiences using this modality. I have taught weekley classes along with group hands on training. For a complentimary session just mention that you read this on my web page.
"A Significant Breakthrough"
Alternative Medicine Magazine
The ability to strikingly reduce pain and accelerate the healing
process is an easily learned and invaluable skill.
Quantum-Touch offers you a dimension of healing that, until now, has not seemed possible!
What is Quantum-Touch & Kathara Healing?
It's a energy healing modality that applies the principles of resonance and entrainment to facilitate healing.  Practitioners learn to focus and amplify life-force energy (known as “chi” in Chinese and “prana” in Sanskrit) by combining various breathing and body awareness exercises.   When the practitioner resonates at a high frequency, the client often entrains to, or matches, the higher frequency, thereby facilitating healing using the body's biological intelligence.  Life-force energy affects matter on the quantum, subatomic level and works its way up through atoms, molecules, cells, tissues, and structure. 
"Quantum-Touch & Kathara Healing has become integrated into my practice of surgery for breast cancer patients. Pain is reduced, scars heal faster, spasms relax, depression and fear turn to hope and healing, and patients are aware that they are loved as well as receiving quallity surgical care. Thank you for making this available!"

George R Webber, MD, FACS, Breast surgeon
Knoxville Comprehensive Breast Center, Knoxville, TN
Quantum-Touch amplifies the effectiveness
of a wide spectrum of healing modalities.
Physicians, acupuncturists, Qigong practitioners, reflexologists, and other health-care professionals are consistently impressed when combining Quantum-Touch with their practice.
Beginners enjoy a wonderful stand-alone therapy that is also effective from a distance to reduce pain, balance emotions, care for pets, and so much more.
The body heals itself.
Your love has a profound influence on the healing process.
Again THANKS for taking the time to read my web information!
Contact me for additional information. I'm looking forward to hearing from you!
You can join me in search of a personal healing session & or
you can learn unique tips on how to use this gift from me,,,

As you know I have been involved in the alternative health protocols for over 19 years. I'm certified in several modalities in assisting others to a healthier way of living. In my travels I fell in love with the act of providing a soft healing Quantum Touch technique that I developed on my on by combining several venues into one unique style.
Healing Workshop free Info:    About 15 minutes long
Click this LINK to:  listen to my Healing Teaching Audio CD.

Energy Essence - The Miracle of Life By: Wiley Hodges

I felt the importance in sharing this with others. So I created my own version of healing touch. When folks want to learn of my experience I provide an on hands workshop. We sit close together in very low light. I let them know what they may experience in the next 15 minutes.  Getting each other in a relaxed mood, I then proceed to start the self-meditated guided mind tour to healing.
This audio is designed to teach and help you to learn how to assist others in their healing path. And by learning these techniques it allows each other to apply powerful energies to themselves as well as others.
I am proud to deliver this audio workshop in hope that you may obtain a higher level of energy harnessing Mother Nature's love to heal from within,,,  starting with thy heart.
Thank you for taking the time to hear my voice to share my feelings.
When you are in a proper mood, turn the light down very low. Silence all noise. Say out loud to your brain to "mute all thoughts". Sit comfortably, relax, close your eyes and open your mind. Having the intent that something wonderful will conspire from heaven.
Now you will be able to use this knowledge for improving and keeping in touch with loved ones while enriching your own life's journeys.
I hope you enjoy my audio CD - Energy Essence workshop.

I just wish you were sitting beside me right now.


Love an Hugs Wiley D Hodges
I created a Meditation Video: LEARN ENERGY HEALING


&    DOCUMENT: Instructions
AUDIO ONLY:  The Miracle of Life By: Wiley Hodges
DOCUMENT:     Instructions  By: Wiley Hodges
VIDEO:   The New Human Movie  By Richard Gordon
People always ask me, from where does this energy come from?

I always answer