Moon Dreams

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Thy Moon Shines Brightly directing us to the other side of our dreams


When the moon walks across the sky it looks down to a magnificent view picking up our images along the way. To lie in the grass at night while looking up to the sky it's the moon that shows us reflections to the other side of our dreams. It's in this moment we use our soft imaginations to visualize when the moon is half way between your heart and mine. Mesmerizing our minds thoughts projecting imaginings of each other, entwined within our own interconnected beliefs. At that moment there is no distance between us, just an inner bond that this ole moon has to offer. As long as we believe and whisper sweet thoughts into the wind, hoping harmonious love tunes shall be captured and stirred swiftly towards each other like the moons gravity gently pulling the seas together. The man in the moon knows when you and I are looking up and he relays our meandering messages between our two souls. Intricately weaving wishes of sweet dreams that two are as one on any moment in time when we glance up to receive a smile and a wink from this ole wise man in the moon. 

From Your Inspiration
By Wiley David Hodges