Mystical Illusions

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Magical Dreams

Mystical Illusionist

Hi Folks, I have been involved in the Magic industry for many many years. This is a joy that I truly love. To be able to gather up smiles and have them question me as how in the world did I do that??? I have several thousand dollars invested in props and gimmicks and software. When I started getting so much material it was getting hard to keep up with it all. So I created a data base computer program that allows me to input items, photos, videos, descriptions, and solutions to the tricks into my inventory software program.

I am a member of three magical groups that meet monthly here in Houston Tx. I have also been employed by the Houston School District to teach elementary kids with their after school program on a weekly basis for a year. Traveling to 4 different schools weekly. This was a blast of fun. Performing for kids and getting paid to teach them along the way.

One of my favorite performances was at a health care facility that has over 30 deaf and or near deaf children. To touch their heart and have them experience a mystical visual effect really blows them away. Creating fond memories with kids will leave them in wonder for many years to come.

I have learned many very cool top class illusions. And quite a few of them you may have seen on National TV. Now and then I perform for family and friends with delightful results. I have a ball when I set up a table in the parks and perform for folks. It's wonderful to get up in front of people and spread happiness and amazement while brightening up their day.

Pick a card, any card,,,,,




Enjoy a few laughs from the magic world of humor. Tongue out

Famous for bending spoons.