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A Gemini may sometimes be misunderstood.
Take the time to know the true hart of one before you pre judge.



Gemini and Aries

                   The pairing of red-hot Aries with the playful wit of Gemini is famously
                   fabulous. They're likely to jump immediately onto the fast track of love.
                   Few others can even keep up the pace here, which is one reason they like
                   each other so much. Gemini gets giddy over Aries' racy energy, and the
                   Ram turns into a lamb when inundated by Gemini's good humor and wild
                   ideas. Both need constant amusement and are only too happy to give it to
                   one another. Count on lots of laughs and sexy innuendoes -- which will be
                   followed through later.

                   SEXUAL ALCHEMY
                   Nothing shy about this duo, so the mating starts early and energetically.
                   Lovemaking can be lots of fun and should include wild game-playing during
                   out-of-town weekends. But, it might not last long. These two are both in a

                   STAR CROSSES
                   Although no Aries will admit it, especially at the beginning, the Ram loves
                   to be followed around from dawn to dusk and dawn again. Meanwhile, the
                   juggler Gemini has a thousand interests -- at least two serious ones among
                   them. Gemini just naturally turns all relationships into a friendly sibling sortie
                   -- heading out for a rollicking good time or hanging out and cracking jokes.
                   (Deep down, the Twin is bored by romance.) Also, the double-tongued
                   devil in Gemini bugs super-straightforward Aries, and that can lead to
                   fireworks ... that is, the Ram charges.

                   MAKING IT WORK
                   Fire needs air to survive, and air is completely swept up by fire. Aries must
                   remember that deep down, the Twins need soothing for their frayed
                   nerves. Gemini has to make sure Aries always believes he or she is coming
                   first -- whether or not it's true. Finally, the conversation must constantly
                   flow; honesty is the life force of this relationship.


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Gemini and Taurus

                   When Gemini's high-wire juggling act comes careering through Taurus' well
                   ordered, couch potato life, both signs wake up in the land of dementia.
                   Taurus teaches the Twin to slow down and smell the roses -- and the
                   dessert, and observe the lovely painting on the wall, please -- while Gemini
                   pushes the Bull off the couch and makes sure there's plenty of playtime.

                   SEXUAL ALCHEMY
                   The eternally young optimism shared by both signs is heaven in the
                   bedroom, where the acrobatic Gemini loves to please the Bull. Super
                   sensuous Taurus can overwhelm the Twin with a stimulating pleasure (or
                   two, Gemini-style) for each sense.

                   STAR CROSSES
                   Like all next-door-neighbor signs, there's a tendency to get on each other's
                   nerves. Gemini's quick changes boggle steady Taurus, while the Bull's
                   settled ways baffle the Twin. And when Gemini plays fast and loose with
                   the truth -- all in the name of good fun, or good gossip, of course -- the
                   Bull sees red. Meanwhile, info-magnet Gemini sometimes thinks that the
                   Bull is, yes, boring.

                   MAKING IT WORK
                   These two must take each other at face value to enjoy life together. Gemini
                   is only going to rouse Taurus so much -- and then the Bull returns to those
                   beloved creature comforts. Taurus may calm Gemini down for enjoyment
                   of the traditionally finer things in life -- for a while. But soon the Twin will
                   be scampering off, Taurus in tow, for a look at the latest gimmick to come
                   down the pike. It's not such a bad way to enrich each other's lives, is it?

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Gemini and Gemini

                   Two Twins in a romance make for *at least* four bright, sparkling egos --
                   and sometimes even more. These air signs share bright curiosity, vibrant
                   energy, and super-hip style. They're probably the coolest couple in their
                   set, always making the scene with the latest trends. Each partner has
                   kissed the Blarney Stone and expects the other to have had a good pucker
                   as well -- flattery is crucial to this romance, ... along with love notes,
                   steamy messages, and hilarious e-mails. The gabbing is constant, and often
                   at Hollywood-comedy level, so they keep each other wonderfully amused.
                   In fact, most self-aware Geminis will confess to having this kind of
                   relationship with himself, herself, themselves ... what-ev-errrr!

                   SEXUAL ALCHEMY
                   Double your pleasure, or triple, even quadruple -- the permutations are
                   infinite. Playfulness keeps the love and desire alive. The problem comes
                   when the breathtakingly passionate urge to know and understand winds
                   down to simple friendly curiosity. Remember, Gemini is primarily a mental
                   sign. Soon they're like a couple of kids playing doctor, and there's nothing
                   too romantic about that. The sex could be less than erotic.

                   STAR CROSSES
                   This pairing can make for a flighty romance, if other factors in the chart
                   don't weigh it down. Part of the genius of Gemini is about staying open to
                   new options -- somewhat of a blow against commitment. As for honesty ...
                   well, with two Geminis, tons of open communication doesn't necessarily
                   add up to straight talk about the matter at hand.

                   MAKING IT WORK
                   Both partners tend to look for a mate who's like a sibling or buddy, so at
                   least the other won't be offended by the cooling of ardor over time (or the
                   absence of much ardor in the first place.) Two Twins must be perpetually
                   learning and communicating, so occasional classes together -- or road trips
                   to interesting sites -- are great for relationship morale.

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Gemini and Cancer

                   Think of a child on a beach and poking a stick at a sea creature. That's one
                   image for a pairing of Gemini and Cancer. Gemini's airy impishness and
                   high-powered curiosity prods and jabs at the emotional sensitivity and
                   wordless wisdom of Cancer until the Crab simply scuttles away. But these
                   are just stereotypes. In fact, a curious Twin can be fascinated by Cancer's
                   sweet, dreamy nature, while Cancer gets excited about Gemini's font of
                   info and fun. Then the sails of the romance fill with air, and the two cruise
                   merrily along.

                   SEXUAL ALCHEMY
                   Any Cancer who loves a Gemini knows that variety is the spice of life.
                   After all, ruled by the Moon in all its signs and phases, Cancer also has a
                   talent for displaying different personalities in lovemaking. The Twin finds
                   this infinitely fascinating. The brotherly-sisterly-buddy-buddy relationship
                   facet of Gemini may hurt Cancer's feelings. And then there's Gemini's
                   teasing playfulness -- a real no-no in the sack with Crab. Love is a serious
                   matter here.

                   STAR CROSSES
                   Gemini's sudden dashes for freedom can really take their toll on Cancer's
                   ooey gooey feelings. Cancer's constant mood swings -- as regular as the
                   tides -- drive the logical Twin to distraction. These two can be about as
                   different as a couple gets, and like so many next-door-neighbor signs, they
                   can end up getting on each other's nerves.

                   MAKING IT WORK
                   This relationship requires extreme self-understanding on both sign's parts.
                   Cancer recognizes excess emotionality and distances from it. Gemini spots
                   his or her own mad dash away from relationships. Their trickster is
                   elusiveness; the couple must at least be able to talk about it. If they both
                   work on it, these two can really round each other out -- Gemini by
                   brightening Cancer's moods and Cancer by adding depth, art and feeling to
                   Gemini's life.

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Gemini and Leo

                   This meeting of the Zodiac's two best flirts can only lead to one thing --
                   fun. Clever Gemini's quips and compliments never fail to thrill Leo, who
                   rises to the occasion with oozing charm. Gemini admires the regal
                   confidence of Leo and strives to match it. Others are forever watching
                   these two because they're a pretty magnetic couple. They're always
                   laughing, teasing, and above all moving -- this is a romance on the go.

                   SEXUAL ALCHEMY
                   The foreplay is fabulous, sent straight from the heavens. Sexual innuendo
                   begins on the first meeting, as does eye contact. From there, it's only a
                   matter of time until these two retreat to more private quarters. Gemini rules
                   the hands and knows just what to do with them. Leo rules the heart and
                   can give it fearlessly and fiercely.

                   STAR CROSSES
                   Passionate Leo needs an audience, but Gemini is always looking around
                   the room for the next interesting thing. Leo doesn't take this too well.
                   Gemini will always rebel if treated like a subject to the regal Lion. Finally,
                   the brotherly buddydom of every Gemini relationship might not ultimately
                   align with Leo's notions of grand passion and extreme devotion.

                   MAKING IT WORK
                   Both signs are wonderfully creative, and this asset helps them make their
                   love last. The actor in Gemini knows how to play the role of devoted lover
                   -- at least while Leo is around. Leo's loyalty means sticking by a beloved,
                   just so long as the Lion knows he or she is loved in return. Finally, the born
                   performer in Leo really enjoys the constant repartee and showmanship of
                   this sexy pairing. As any Leo knows, enjoyment nurtures the true heart.

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Gemini and Virgo

                   Gemini and Virgo share a ruler -- and it's not just any ruler. Mercury is the
                   trickster god of magic, games, and intellect, and Mercury plays a
                   magnificent role in this pairing. Both wonderfully intellectual, these signs can
                   glide along from office banter to cocktail party conversation to late-night
                   change-the-world pow-wows. Both signs need brain stimulation and can
                   find it in romance. Flirtatious Gemini charms Virgo while Virgo's kind care
                   and earnest talk make Gemini think that this is a true match.

                   SEXUAL ALCHEMY
                   Mercury is not known for his sexiness, and neither is this pairing. The
                   infinite variety of Gemini, however, delights a partner in any long-term
                   relationship. The earthy sexuality of Virgo -- who brings a virgin's amazed
                   sensuality to every encounter -- is always a thrill. To be physically present,
                   both signs need mental turn-ons. If the mind games are thrilling, the rest

                   STAR CROSSES
                   Virgo is a serious person, usually deeply involved in a career or a cause
                   (or, commonly, a career that is a cause). Gemini is a juggler, balancing a
                   volatile variety of interests and always looking for new ingredients to spice
                   up the soup. Finally, Virgo seems to have been first in the integrity line
                   when born, while Gemini was dashing off for hilarious wit. The clash is

                   MAKING IT WORK
                   Mental attraction -- and intellectual respect -- make or break this one.
                   Gemini has to see the value in Virgo's single-mindedness and, for lasting
                   love, to learn from it and share it. Virgo occasionally gets immersed in
                   Gemini's latest fads; this is also crucial to Gemini's need for a buddy in a
                   long-term relationship.

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Gemini and Libra

                   Two air signs can soar the heights together. "What heights?" you may ask.
                   They're intellectual, mostly, and humorous, flirtatious, and simply fun.
                   Venus-ruled Libra brings romance to the pairing; a certain chivalry just
                   comes with the Libra package. Gemini brings constant change, variety, and
                   the ideas Libra loves. These two begin as great friends, and whether or not
                   the romance cools, they remain pals to the end.

                   SEXUAL ALCHEMY
                   This is a playful pairing in the bedroom. Libra thrills to the infinite variety of
                   Gemini. These two might act out some very fun parts in the quest for sexual
                   satisfaction. Always the good student, Gemini learns to love the role of
                   ultra-romantic partner, in line with Libra's cravings. Gemini's need for a
                   buddy, however, rides roughshod over Libra's love of super-traditional
                   hearts and flowers romance. Libra's need for that one "life partner" might
                   squelch Gemini's multi-faceted tastes.

                   STAR CROSSES
                   Both signs are double-natured. Gemini has (at least) two distinct
                   personalities that can emerge at any hour of the day or night. Libra lives in
                   a realm of indecision, never quite committing to one thing or another and
                   always fully imagining what other choices might be. Libra's famous for
                   taking forever to commit; Gemini will commit easily, then forget all about it
                   next week. For all of these divided parts to come together and promise
                   their lives -- or even their months -- to each other is to ask a lot.

                   MAKING IT WORK
                   This is a wonderfully conscious duo, and they get along beautifully if they
                   believe they are intellectual equals. (Gemini is a bit of an intellectual snob,
                   and Libra's a snob, period.) By consciously deciding to pair up, and by
                   really committing to it, they can go a long way -- laughing and joking and
                   often singing as they do.

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Gemini and Scorpio

                   Well, they're both smart. Gemini is looking for someone to stimulate that
                   most crucial sex organ, the brain, and can definitely find it in Scorpio. And
                   Scorpio delights in the Twin's cool variety and love of the latest news.

                   SEXUAL ALCHEMY
                   Gemini loves to meet the deep, sensuous passion of Scorpio, while
                   Scorpio gets off on the light touch of play in every Gemini encounter.
                   Scorpio's intensity must be matched, or the romance degenerates into
                   power games, and that can include some pretty intense S&M right there in
                   the bed. Gemini must play games, laugh, and enjoy the bedroom, with no
                   strings attached -- nor hand cuffs, nor whips, I might add. The Twin will
                   set out to play along with Scorpio for a while, but unless there is a
                   fundamental joy and pleasure in the relationship, it's a very tough match.

                   STAR CROSSES
                   See above. At first Geminis love to simply drown in water-sign Scorpio's
                   sexy intensity, until conscious fears of drowning catch up to them. Scorpios
                   need a deep (and often dark) probing nature like ... well, Scorpio ... and
                   few Geminis ever understand that or see any need to. It's an unfair
                   judgment, but sometimes ruminating Scorpio regards his or her spritely
                   Gemini partner as ... well ... a flake.

                   MAKING IT WORK
                   This relationship can be a tough match, but it works in one of two ways.
                   First, each sign must have a healthy respect for the other. They must see
                   the light of the Gemini, the dark of Scorpio, and the beautiful chiaroscuro
                   of the pair. This will lead to long term acceptance of the love. But they
                   must avoid the other option, which is the power game method. The
                   dominance and submission stuff can get ugly here.

                   The key to success is this: In classic mythology Gemini's ruler, airy
                   messenger Mercury, was the one god with a free pass to enter and leave
                   the underground realm of Scorpio's ruler, Pluto. The dark depths hold a
                   primal fascination for the Twins, and Scorpio welcomes the airy light,
                   especially when it bears postcards from other realms. Both signs share an
                   unusual and mysterious affinity for the ephemeral zones of existence,
                   transient passages that most other signs find frightening and stressful.
                   Attribute this to Gemini's powers of mutability and "shape-shifting" and to
                   Scorpio's powers of deep transformation. This commonality makes the
                   Gemini-Scorpio one of the most surprisingly compelling matches of the

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Gemini and Sagittarius

                   Gemini and Sagittarius are Zodiac opposites, and you know what they say
                   about opposites. This pairing definitely attracts and can be wildly fun. The
                   jokes, gags, and raunchy asides just keep coming. Sagittarius is bewitched
                   by Gemini's playful ingenuity and amazing flirtation. And Gemini loves to
                   follow the Archer's arrows to new experiences -- including some pretty
                   major self-indulgence that generous Sagittarius loves to share. Together,
                   these two enjoy life to the hilt.

                   SEXUAL ALCHEMY
                   Play dominates the bedroom. Actually, the action may not primarily take
                   place in the bedroom. These two are fabulous explorers, and sex in exotic
                   locales is always likely with Sag. But exploring each other will be the main
                   event of this pair, an exploration with lust and glee! The conversation
                   before and after must be stimulating too.

                   STAR CROSSES
                   Both signs are thinkers -- Gemini is the Zodiac's eternal student, and
                   Sagittarius is a born philosopher/teacher, always looking at the big picture.
                   When they come to opposite decisions -- they are, of course, opposite
                   signs -- they run into trouble. Unfortunately, these mutable folk are
                   quick-change maestros, often ready to up-and-move on to greener

                   MAKING IT WORK
                   Gemini and Sagittarius are idea people, and once they get firmly in mind
                   the idea of themselves as a couple, this romance can last. The problem,
                   again, is that they are mutable signs, quick to change and move on, and it's
                   possible that this romance will change soon, too.

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Gemini and Capricorn

                   Officially speaking, this is a tough match. Capricorn is the old man of the
                   Zodiac, the authority figure who does everything the hard way and works
                   extra hard until the job is done right. Gemini is the game child, willing to
                   laugh and play all day and to occasionally lie or trick to reach goals. This
                   attraction is either instant or not at all.

                   SEXUAL ALCHEMY
                   Capricorn is intensely sexual and therefore delighted by Gemini's
                   playfulness in lovemaking. Gemini, the Zodiac's eternal student, is eager to
                   learn the tricks Cap can teach. Also, Cap adds a lasting quality to
                   lovemaking (unusual for speedy Twin), while Gemini occasionally surprises
                   Cap with afternoon quickies. This pairing can be wonderfully erotic, so
                   long as Cap can take Gemini's flighty attitude in stride and so long as
                   Gemini doesn't get bored with Capricorn's plodding methods.

                   STAR CROSSES
                   See above. This match has tons to teach and share, but the two must
                   *want* to put up with differences, especially in timing and internal rhythm.
                   Capricorn tends to be plodding, diligent, faithful and extremely
                   discriminating. This last character trait predisposes Cap to take "as long as
                   it takes" to open up and commit to a lover. In contrast, Gemini is the
                   sampler of the Zodiac, everywhere, all the time. A butterfly with
                   after-burners, Gemini moves at the speed of light, zooming to other cosmic
                   precincts faster than Cap can say, "Let's do it!" The two are like two ships
                   passing in the night -- one an oceanic supertanker, the other a starship,
                   blasting into hyperspace.

                   MAKING IT WORK
                   Any match can work, but because of the time warp factor, this is one we
                   rarely see. Should they somehow find each other, these two can fill giant
                   gaps in each other's make-up. Every Capricorn wants -- no, needs -- a
                   little playfulness, a little hope and giddiness, injected into their days and
                   nights. Likewise, every Gemini needs an earthly grounding to accomplish
                   goals, manifest dreams, and bring some stability to daily life. If these two
                   appreciate the gifts that come with their enormous differences, they can
                   build a solid foundation for a life of pleasure. Also, both signs are slightly
                   snobbish about their mental powers. Learning to value the other sign's
                   mindset will carry this relationship forward.

                   There is a buried treasure here that provides a delightful and powerful
                   antidote to any differences. A fabulous sense of humor is one of Cap's
                   best-kept secrets. As one of the few intimates privy to this gift, the
                   mentally-oriented Gemini lover thrives on the subtlety and cleverness of
                   Cap's quips, jokes, and naughty (say the magic word) "word-play."
                   Gemini's sparkling laughter dissolves Cap's starchy facade and unleashes
                   the playful devil within -- a thrilling and absorbing playmate for the
                   mischievous Twins.

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Gemini and Aquarius

                   Here we're floating around in the realm of air. Ideas drive these two chatty
                   air signs, and if the idea of love strikes them both, they're powered for
                   serious romance. Gemini's light flirtation and eagerness to play are total
                   turn-ons for Aquarius. Aquarius' wildly original and brilliant ideas,
                   stubbornly held, delight Gemini. They tease and debate and talk and talk
                   and talk. Once the idea of touching enters their minds, there's little to stop

                   SEXUAL ALCHEMY
                   This two are going to do a lot of talking before they get anywhere near the
                   bedroom -- and the gab continues in the bedroom, too. Communication is
                   key to romance here. Both want to be honest about every last nuance of
                   feeling. If the mental circuits connect, the bedroom activities will be totally
                   free, easy, fun and even electrifying. After all, Aquarius is willing to try
                   anything, and Gemini regards lovemaking as a sandbox game, where fun is
                   the goal.

                   STAR CROSSES
                   Occasionally, Aquarius feels overwhelmed by Gemini's jests and jibes --
                   and may draw barbed comparisons to hot-air ballooning technologies.
                   Aquarius' pedantic ways, in turn, can bore Gemini. Aquarian notions of
                   self-importance drive the Twin mad. The ultimate irony is that these signs
                   can get along so well, there's no challenge to keep them together.

                   MAKING IT WORK
                   This is an easy match, strong on friendship and casual esteem. Unless there
                   are other contrasting planetary influences in their charts, both partners may
                   have to be content to surrender super-romantic notions. Gemini really
                   wants a buddy -- a sibling type relationship -- with whom to share
                   adventures and insight. The ideal of friendship is crucial to Aquarius, a sort
                   of mutual trust and regard that has little to do with perfume and Valentines.
                   If these people are looking for a meeting of the minds, however, they've
                   found it.

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Gemini and Pisces

                   Creativity characterizes both signs, and it's the key to a romance between
                   them. Pisces is an artist -- whether with a special craft or simply in the
                   domain of life. To hook the Gemini, the Fishes pull that charming,
                   mystifying dance of the seven veils. (This can be anything from dinner in a
                   secret hideaway to a raised eyebrow that expresses volumes. Likewise,
                   Gemini's verbal visions -- whole worlds conjured with a few quick words
                   -- are sure to entrance Pisces. These two mutable maestros entertain and
                   charm each other in their own private world.

                  SEXUAL ALCHEMY
                   Gemini and Pisces please each other with infinite variety. There's a playful
                   aspect to lovemaking, and each responds to the ability to try on different
                   roles and styles to pleasure the other. Both signs are dual-natured, and
                   need arenas to express that. The bedroom provides a beautiful
                   environment for free-flowing personality. One warning -- Pisces can find
                   religion in sex while Gemini's just looking for fun.

                   STAR CROSSES
                   Sometimes Pisces' gentle touches and intimate gestures are lost on Gemini,
                   who's busy looking for the joke. Gemini's constant wit can be enervating
                   for Pisces, who's often trying to concentrate on deeper meanings and
                   super-psychoanalysis. The Gemini wit can also hurt Pisces tender feelings.
                   Finally, the Twin seeks a friendly, sibling-style relationship while a deep --
                   and potentially all-consuming-- urge to merge drives Pisces.

                   MAKING IT WORK
                   In many relationships conflict is the glue that keeps people together. If
                   there are no positive challenges for each partner in this pairing, it just won't
                   last. Shared goals make it or break it. They'll always be a flighty couple,
                   never quite down to earth, but they'll enjoy every minute of the ride.

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