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   Intuitive Health Technician                              
      Mr. Wiley David Hodges

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Total Cures or Improvements is not your question,
It's Your Answer.

Another source of information is located at:
BodyTalk Houston Web-Page

  Through the use of several modalities at hand were able to lead you to a healthier way of living. I'm able to help you search for ways to restore your health with BodyTalk, Kinesiology, Quantum Touch and Kathara healing.  


 Infections  Allergies
 Stress  Phobias
 Arthritis  Chronic Fatigue
 Headaches  Emotions
 Viruses  Pain

Finding the right path to take? Look in here
for your private office visit.


  Using the BodyTalk system this will provide the blueprint to walk you through several experiences that will lead to rejuvenating your health in a fast and easy way.  


  Complete Systems:
  • Cortex correction
  • Hydration
  • Scars
  • Organs
  • Endocrine
  • Body Chemistry
  • Unique diets specific for each person

Emotional Improvements:

  • Self Esteem, Love Issues
  • Sensuality and Sexuality Issues
  • Body Image, Body Acceptance


  • Life Situations
  • Lifetime Periods (specific years in the life)
  • Past Relationships (mother, father, family)
  • Specific Incidents and Events
  • Specific Fears and Phobias


  With my training in Energy Work such as Quantum Touch
and Kathara you'll experience the hands on healing directly.

There is a true way to have your body in direct
re-communication within every part of your system.

Using the Linking Techniques to restore your body
much like it was when you were borne.

The Touch - Tap - Memory method is quite impressive.
Balance is a key word these days, finding your right chemistry
to a healthy life is just a simple non intrusive procedure.


Start Now take the initiative today, so
your health will be stronger tomorrow

   Dyslexia  Parasites  Fibromyalgia  
   Food Intolerance's  Digestive Problems  Strokes  
   Asthma  Endometriosis  Ovarian Cyst  
   Scoliosis  Sugar Metabolism Disorders  Chronic Fatigue Syndrome  
   Back, Muscular Pain  Liver Malfunctions  Blood Toxins  


  Contact me for private sessions

Intuitive Health Technician

Mr. Wiley David Hodges
Livingston, Texas  77351



When there is hope our quest will prevail

Another source of information is located at:
BodyTalk Houston Web-Page

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