The Cargo Toolbox

I finally converted my dream idea into reality.

A low profile toolbox that sits in the back of the SUV. It lays flat and with doors that open.You can access tools or supplies and still have loads of room to put things on top of this magic box. Then it uniquely folds and locks up so you can carry it around like any other toolbox.

You won't see anything like it because
it's a one of a kind !!

The inside is lined with felt and some of the dividers are removable. It has wheels and a handle. There are several magnetic strips to hold tools in place.

By lying flat, less than 3 inches it provides ample room in the cargo area for lots of other things. It takes the place of a large 4 drawer toolbox, yet this one will not slide around or turn over. And you don't have to pull out drawers. When it's open you can see everything in one glance! It can be of many sizes and made of different materials for multiple purposes,  tools, arts an crafts, trade shows, jewelry the list is unimaginable.
My Address is in Livingston Texas
Wiley Hodges at:

Consrtuction and Assembly
Cargo Area Layout
Inside Demo

Cargo Area

Rules And Conditions Of  Use.
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