Time in a Bottle

Time in a bottle captures our precious moments. Not always being able to control our destiny or the space in time allows us to only guide our lives along our destiny unfolding day by day. So take in each breath and fill precious seconds of every memory we accomplish towards growing old. As thousands of wonderful thoughts keep us busy we'll sit out on our front porch and look back reminiscing about today long gone transformed into the future as it reflects our past.

Slow down and take in the sights and smell the flowers along the way. Enjoy our todays, tomorrows will never be the same as our yesterdays, so walk softly upon the peddles of life's ambiances.

Appreciate and love the friends and family we have. In a flash our world can change, let's capture our precious moments while we can. Taking things for granted is not our purpose, intuition shall prevail creating compassion from within each soul.  Today is your time capsule, make sure you put plenty of smiles in it.

Share this and collect smiles from those whom you dearly care for.

Ok, I just saw a smile,,,,,  reach up and place it in your bottle for another treasurable memory.

By: Wiley David Hodges
Inspirations for true friendships, "Thanks" Shay