My Personal Profile
Gender: Male    (Texas Sourthern Gentelman)
Age: 06/18    Young  (With a lot of miles to go)  LOL

Ethnicity: Caucasian
Status: Divorced
Has children: (1 Grown Daughter living in North Carolina)
Living at:  Livingston, Texas  77351
Smoke: Doesn't smoke
Height:  5 ft. 5 in.
Body type:  Slim  (apx. 135 lbs.)
Religious beliefs: Spiritual
Dating Distance:
Would prefer to meet people near by
Limiting matching to  100 miles away

  Personal Introduction: In my own words:
"I'm in search of a lady to share a warming friendship Eyes baby blue, Light brown hair. My dream girl, should have a very kind and loving heart. A great sense of humor. Relativity smart, but not a super genius. A strong willingness to learn new things. Likes going places together, shopping at the mall, flea markets, garage sales, the beach, movies, concerts. Fair in looks, I myself have a small frame. Likes a challenge now and then. Someone who can be more of a best friend and passionate lover combo-pack. Someone to share intimate thoughts. Spontaneity, likes nice surprises. A zest for life. A girl that I can idolize and trust with my heart. Someone with enough experience in this world to know who and what they are. I am not super tall, or over weight, average looks. Easy to get along with. I am a man of honor with strong beliefs in treating and being treated fair and just. My health is very good. Favorite meals Seafood, then Mexican. I have only one child, she is almost 30 and living with her new guy and child in North Carolina.

Many interest, collecting old cameras, stamps, train things, books, Photography, Writing, Wood working, Plants, and Genealogy. I like to go to the beach. I have a fish tank. I have a 25 foor Carver cruiser. I have, a Honda Shadow motorcycle. I read reference stuff, or self help books, computer magazines, science. Music, I will listen to almost anything. The oldie-but-goodies is my most appreciated, then, Country & Western, Light rock. Don't drink alcohol much. Don't smoke, Don't do drugs. Movies: I like many kinds. Mostly Action, then Comedy, Romance is still a favorite. I don't know your reading my biography. You and I will never know each other if you don't take the first initiative now and contact me.
Comfortable with dating:
Why:" Comfortable with the right person. I have not been out with a lot of dates lately. Could you be that special one who makes a evening of magic?"
Enjoys: a quiet dinner, seeing a movie, seeing a music or theater performance
Likes dates to be:  the kind where you just pick a spot to meet and then go from there
Best (or ideal) date:  "My idea of a best date would be: A quiet dinner place to get to know each other. To search our thoughts to feel the moment with music that could happen between us. Then we could be ready for a long walk on the beach or a movie with the next date. An adventure could be just around the next corner."
Has:  completed some college  (Electronics)
Thinks the best reason to pursue an education is:  to gain knowledge and wisdom
Has taught Magic Class in elementary schools.
Not:  in school now
Favorite teacher: "My best teacher was my Radio & TV instructor. He gave us insight into reaching our goals and provided us with a challenge that set us forward into our future."
Having Fun:
Enjoys: eating out, going to the movies, going to museums, seeing sporting events, playing board games, reading, going dancing, engaging in hobbies or pastimes
As for adventure... anything goes!
Likes activities which are: mentally engaging, done outdoors, done indoors, educational
Mostly enjoys: small group activities, activities with just one other person, solo activities
Sets aside some time for fun:  every day
Most fun-loving person (and what makes them fun): "My daughter is famous for placing a smile in the hearts around her. Her joy makes my world fun!" Several years ago when she was 10 you may have seen her in several TV commercials here in Houston.
A recent fun experience: "I have several good times going to music events and listening to those that make memories last a life time."
Health and Fitness:
Enjoys:  biking, walking, swimming
Exercises with: a romantic partner, no one else
Stays healthy by: eating a healthy diet, practicing stress management, using complementary forms of healing, living a balanced lifestyle
Goals for keeping fit: keeping slim and trim, long-term health, balance and peace of mind, spending time with friends while staying healthy
Does fitness activities: a couple times a month  (my sister told me to say that, LOL)
Specific health and fitness activities:  "I don't eat a lot of junk food. And I try to stay away from foods that have a lot of fat in them. Food makes us or breaks us, so I tend to eat on the light side."
I am now involved with alternative health healing. (Quantum Touch  -  BodyTalk  -  Kathata Healing).  Helping people get better is such a great reward! Using only the gift that I was born with is the method I use to aid in the healing of others.  For a free session just mention that you read about this on my website.
Likes:  comedies, romances, mystery/suspense, action/adventure, science fiction, classics
Would go to see a movie if:   friends have recommended it, it stars a favorite actor or actress, it has great special effects, the plot sounds intriguing
Tries to catch any interesting films: in the theaters
Watches movies: at home with friends, with that special someone, after missing them in the theater
Likes movies and tries to: keep current on what's out
Favorite movies:   Star Wars, Harry Potter, James Bond, Message in a bottle, Sleepless in Seattle, Love Story.  ++
Likes listening to:  classical music, jazz (classic, swing, modern, BeBop), rock, modern/alternative rock, country, ethnic, traditional, or folk music
Listens to music for:  pleasure, to dance, for relaxation
Feels that music is:  important to daily life
Listens to music: in the car, at work, at home, at music events
Enjoys:  just listening to music,  I have been to a lot of music concerts. ++
Favorite musical artist: "John Denver, we traveled the same path walked the same streets went to the same school, our life could have been spent as brothers. His words are felt with his music as well as my thoughts blended with true emotion that carried me through life in pleasant memories. Thanks John!"
Favorite song (and why):  "Sunshine on my shoulders because I to, like to spread a loving light on friends around me."  And I have met John Denver in person.
My Family:
Family could be described as:   normal, a strong unit, caring and loving, traditional
  (Except for the fun crazy Uncle).
Came from:  a large family
Family is:  important in daily life
Still feels like:  part of original family
Extended family is:  large (30-50 people) ++
Most talked-about member of family: "My father, he is my idol, a mentor that has taught me well and let me learn a touch of his wisdom."
Ideal family life:  "Sharing our past with those around us so that they can learn for their future. Teaching our children the values of having a close family. Time spent together can never be replaced. Walking side by side as a team with enough respect to allow us all to be individuals of freedom to express love for one another aloud."
Differences between self and rest of family: "I take a challenge an make it interesting so that it stands out from the others in a fun way."
Out to Eat:
Favorite spot for a special meal is:  a small restaurant
Good occasions for going out to eat are:  any date, birthdays or special occasions, family gatherings, getting together with friends, anytime
Value: Doesn't care who pays for the meal
That special restaurant has:  a good atmosphere, good food quality, good service, music and dancing
Most interesting or unusual meal:  "I love a romantic dinner on a moonlit beach. Dinner between two people can be romantic anywhere as long as the love touches each heart. A home cooked meal or in a drive through it is really up to the feelings between us. Happiness is the bottom line. Where we find it, is just an adventure along the way."
Has a pet ,  not at this time.
Has (or would like to have):  tropical fish,
Pet is mostly: a companion at home
Attitude towards pets: "I enjoy pets, I had a dog for 14 years I miss him. I haven't replaced him. So, All I have is tropical fish tank for now. Pets are ok as long as there isn't a big zoo."
Physical Basics:
Eye color: Blue
Hair color:  Light brown
Wears: eyeglasses all the time
Comfortable: with appearance, but could change a few things, wish to be a bit taller.
Feels physical basics: are one factor among others
When it comes to filling out this profile: I think: it's hard to find the right answer with multiple-choice
What others say about this member's looks: "I have a younger look than the age chart would imply. My youth is my zest and I'm very active. One would think that I have yet to pass the 55 state. The one thing that is difficult is the impression a lot of women have for a person that is 5'5" (apx. 135 Lbs.) I may have a small frame yet I am truly a man with a tall heart."
Doesn't: have a political stance
Most concerned with: whatever politics are most relevant at the time
Political affiliation:  Depends on the candidate or issue
Feels the most important social issues are:  poverty, crime, gender equality, the economy, family values
Feels the most important political issues today are:  taxation policy, education policy
Religious and Spiritual Beliefs:
Role of religion/spirituality in daily life: Occasionally observant of own religion
Beliefs are: moderately important in everyday life
Feels that: shared beliefs are moderately important
Smoking and Drinking:
Smoking: Doesn't smoke
Attitude about smoking:  "I have lived with smokers and the conditions were all right as long as they have had respect for me by blowing their smoke in another direction."
Drinks: Drinks socially
Likes:  drinking water, coffee or tea, soft drinks, mixed drinks:
Attitude about drinking:  "I don't drink much, only socially at a club now and then. At home I drink the regular stuff: tea, soda, water etc."
Thoughts on laws against other recreational drugs:  "What others do with drugs is not any of my business unless it harms me, or my family"
Sports Fans:
Likes to: watch some football,,   Houston & Dallas.
Watches:  some sports on satellite TV
Enjoys:  watching sports, but isn't obsessed
Likes to watch sports because of:  the competition, of a favorite team, it's great entertainment.
Favorite teams or athletes:  "Some sporting events on TV are ok now and then. I don't get hug up on sports. I will watch some football once in a while if I remember to turn on the TV."
Sports and Games:
Enjoys:  road biking, mountain biking, inline skating, motor boating, swimming, water-skiing, walking
Likes to:  play volleyball
Likes to play: with friends, a romantic partner, solo
Plays: occasionally
Likes:  some competition (it's inspiring)
Plays:  it's a lot of fun
Ideal sports challenge:  "I would love to do, Snow skiing and Sailing if given the chance. I would enjoy more Horseback riding and White-water rafting."  I went sky diving and that was a blast!!
The Great Outdoors:
Enjoys: walking, hiking, nature watching, fishing
Enjoys the outdoors because:  it's a great change of pace, of the beauty and diversity of nature, of particular locations or landmarks, it's a peaceful way to spend time, it's a romantic way to spend time with a partner
Likes to be outdoors: alone (it's a zen thing), with a romantic partner, with friends or family
Likes beaches:  or shoreline, lakes or rivers, forests, hills and valleys, mountainous terrain, wherever it's warm and sunny
Spends times: outdoors a few times a week
Ideal outdoor experience: "I love walking the beach and looking at the ships coming in. Spending the night on the beach is a lot of fun! I also love to travel to the mountains and walk with nature."
Most wants to go to: a secluded beach, go alpine or outback trekking, take an elegant train tour, visit great cities, go to Disneyland, go on a photo safari, take a two-week cruise
Interested in:  longer trips, planned as they go, a week or two touring multiple locations, weekend getaways, impulsive, planned escapes
While traveling: likes to be adventurous (white-water rafting, trekking), find culture (museums, theater, opera), try the nightlife, sight see
Wants: to visit some specific places
Thinks a trip:  should be reasonable, with occasional extravagances
Has never been, but would love to go to: "I have never been to New York, Boston , California, Europe, Japan,,,,, If I won the Lotto I would be Gone!"
Balances work with other things
Type of work: "Office management, Electronics. I have had experience in: manufacturing, electronic service tech. , office , computer programing etc,,," 
Sees co-workers:  socially once in a while
Work:  fits perfectly with interests
Mentions work:  from time to time
Possible future occupations: "I use the internet for my web page adventures. (  Some day I would love to expand that into a lucrative venture. I would love to take a lot of time off to write novels. You can read my Almost Famous Quotes You can also read my quotes with photos on my Facebook page.
My Email:
Wiley David Hodges
Currently I am a retired computer technician taking life easy.  Living alone, yet still in search for that special someone to enjoy life with.  I keep busy with hobbies, going to movies, TV and concerts. And I like to write things and combine words with my photographs into Thoughts of the Day & Meme creations etc,,, Trips are great by plane, car, train, bus or even on my motorcycle.  I'm in great health, so I keep active.

To sum all this up I woulike to say "Thanks"
for taking the time to read this.

If anyone wants to get to know me better just get in touch soon,
because I don't even know if you are reading my story today.