Forgiving Tears
  Forgiveness meant for thy heart is an
      IOU completing our cycle of life!

Your probably wondering by now about this ole world and how to cope with such turmoil. Well I practice the laws that you must forgive those around you first. It is the only way you can let love stay in your heart. The alternative is not a choice. “The first tear to hit your pillow is no stronger than the last tear that falls, we just have to learn something from our first tear and know that the last one strengthens our will for forgiveness”.  Open your kindness and it shall lead you to a rewarding smile made from a gift given to those that need it most.  Our small problems are not worth pondering over when compared to families in desperate conditions.  Yes,  I have my tears and the loneliness, but they are only reminders of the love I have had, you have to realize that some never have found such love. At least I have had the privilege to experience a wonderful romance to place in my memories.  Comfort is a friend that shares the same wisdom and knows how it feels.  I may lend my wisdom to those in need, yet it is their choice to listen, however if they do more than just listen then they can know where my footsteps have gone and that's when knowledge is converted into friendship. We must hold on to those that take the extra step in creating a bond between us, one never knows when we may be called upon to reach out and take in a stranger and call them a friend, for he may be a blessing delivered from above.  If I can do some little something to make you smile then who knows, if it is not my kindness, but the lord leading me and using me in a mysterious way. Look at those around you now and ask yourself if it may be true, one may be an angel sent to view, advise, and comfort. You turn your back on someone and they may be the very one who is there to help you in an uncomplicated way, you just have to trust your heart and know when its right.   I have not only those around me that do not know me, I also have those whom know every intimate detail about me. This is where thy fellow man should learn trust with a open hand. And without forgiveness these words can never be true.  I am but one creature that needs the bond generated by a simple hug.  This I can do for you and all you have to do is to pass this on to someone else and just know that it is well deserved for some good deed from our past or an IOU of love that we will share with someone in our future.

Tomorrows come with the best of yesterdays,
savor the moments today

Written Within Hearts of thy DreamCraft

Wiley David Hodges