Lost paths of misdirected compassion

Loves deception unravels a twisted fate, one heart beat at a
time camouflaged in the shape of a tear brought forth by an
emotionalrack to flow slowly across a smile long gone,
bewildering man along a ghostly path of false hope.

The temptation to venture into this path such called love
instills a permanent scar welded within the walls of a lonely
man destruction of one's self is like a shadow of which one
may only side step yet never be able to escape its hold as a
broken tear may bring down life's energy from within,
entrapping a thought among our past affections to be
re nurtured back from the death of a lost affair brought
on by our memories of stirred passion.

Finding such a myth is the struggle that keeps hope
just outside the realm of fantasy, to be fooled over and
over by the lure of happily ever after's as the mind is
dashed back and forth between what is real and what
may only be conceived as true love.

The torture of opening ones soul exposes our weakness
of vulnerability at times when there is no turning back the
hearts clock crushed in past, present and future.
To have and to have lost love
is the makings of knowing loves immortal potential.

Is there not one person within this realm of emptiness
to reach out for my compassion of love.

As you sit and read my mind you are reminded of
your lonely time of wanting someone to respond
and prove to you that love is capable of being alive
again, after all we're always seeking
someone to want us for who we are.

Wiley David Hodges:    12-30-2010

Rejuvenation process in re-building wisdom