From Where Do Your
        Flowers Bloom

When the flowers are grown do you pick them and start over again or do you just admire them and let them grow wild. To cut them and set them free would be a beautiful jester yet it would only lead to a temporary vision of grander shared by thy heart. In memory the flowers would wilt and then we will need strength to regroup and bless another seedling and make a fresh start. Yet the real love in the world would be to combine both old and new and life would be seen in a full circle of finding what the mother's nature has in store beyond just seedlings. Thus a picture of a thousand words will have been grown before your eyes. The love from our earth reaps the love set free in our heart. In our quest to find beauty we shall walk a path in our own garden and stop to smell the roses along the way. Reminding us of the love started from just one seedling and it brought with it long stem memories that carry us through each day. To look forward and then back into our past we are reminded of the watering of thy roots that sprout into our very existence and gives us our core to grow and share our love and romance so that it's expressed each time our flower blooms. The beholder and the givers and takers all reap our rewards. The compassion to want to see the flower is the compassion to have a life time of rose buds surrounding us, even to line our dwellings and our minds with each loving memory one stem at a time. Creating our own world expressed in a beautiful garden tucked away in our mind. Friendships start and grow in this very same way. Let's nurture our world so that others may venture into our sanctuary of love. Share a flower, share a heart, lift a little encouragement while raising our own awareness of the glorious  opportunities that we are allowed to blend with others along our path as we walk with family our brothers and sisters, lovers and best friends. A garden starts from within our own heart, sharing a helping hand will strengthen our understanding as to how our growth will weather in the seasons of life. If ever there was a reason to smile it would surly be from a gardens view point. Knowing it is really our own soul that provides our inner beauty. Love laugh and share your garden with others every day making life a spontaneous gesture of fellowships understanding where our love grows from.

By Wiley David Hodges

September 13th year of 2010

Written inspirations created with my daughter in mind.