The Haunting of City Federation of Women's Club

411 Lovett Blvd. Houston, Texas

My True Ghost Story

There is a home in Houston that has its mystique about it, consumed in mystery and I have come to be drawn oddly towards it.

Oil entrepreneur Frank Bullock built the house at 411 Lovett Blvd. in 1906, and in 1926 he had air conditioning installed. The decorative ceiling medallions from which the chandeliers hung were actually iron ceiling grates for the central air conditioning, said to be the first in a Houston residence. The Bullock mansion was also once the last stop for the trolley line between downtown and the Montrose area. The trolley "turn around" was at one corner of the mansion's grounds.

In 1948 The City Federation of Women's Clubs bought the Bullock house for $60,000 to use for monthly club meetings and for wedding receptions and other social events.


A long time ago over 20 years in fact, I owned a Crown Decor Molding business. Installing ornate trim molding exclusively in new homes throughout Houston. The suburbs were full of new subdivisions and I had many New Home Builders lined up daily. It was odd that an interior decorator (Tony Lyons) called and requested the makeover of one room in an occupied old mansion. This is odd, because I have never received such a request throughout the eight years I've been in business. So, I went to see just what was to be involved.

His request was a strange design that required special handling that was above all, not normal. It was the master bedroom upstairs in the North East part of the mansion. A simple room, not overly large with a sitting room off to the side. His idea was to make the molding line up along the upper level of the walls. The angles were odd and it was not possible to just run trim along every wall in an un divided fashion. He wanted a window crown made in such a way as to have it protrude out from the wall at the ceilings edge. But it was to stop and start at the windows outer measurements. This was a very delicate and complex set of angles that required me to return to the molding shop to prefab special fittings. Our molding is approximately 7 inches tall and protrudes out about 6 inches with a hollow backing. This makes the ends open and they had to be specially filled in. Needlessly to say it was an overall odd request that took special procedures to complete. What a normal job would involve is tacking the trim to the wall and caulking upper and lower edges. If this had been a normal day with a normal room, the time to complete this would have been around two hours. Because of several trips back and forth to the shop requiring special fittings, this request took me just over three visits, over a two and a half day period.

The first odd part was the fact that it was an occupied home. It took over two and a half days to complete. And the special part is I had a friend to help me. That alone was most unusual due to the fact that trim jobs are a one man operation. And I had an associate with me. I knew someone that was interested in interior decorating as well as the process of installing the trim so she wanted to tag along for the experience. This is a friend (Helen) that was around 30ish and of Spanish decent. As we carried up the supplies we were in awl of the beauty of this fine mansion. We went straight up to the second floor to get started. The interior decorator was there to instruct us in what he wanted it to look like. I started with the usual minute preparations of measuring and precutting a few pieces. It was a slow evening and Helen did not have anything special to do except to assist and hand me things when I needed them.   She was getting restless and seemed to be on edge for some reason. Walking from the master bedroom to the sitting room and pacing back and forth between rooms with a curious look on her face. To take the boredom off, I began to ask her what she was seeing in the sitting room that was so interesting.

The conversation was light and the talk was about what it must have been like living in such a grand place. She had deep thoughts traveling within her mind that she was unable to express that evening. We cleaned up our mess and packed our things in the van and left that night. The following day I went to pick her up and we headed to the mansion again. Unloading all the things we needed and getting set up to tackle more of the project. Her helping was a nice luxury to have. I was in the process of hanging more sections of the trim when she expressed a strange set of questions about the rooms and their content and purpose. I was unable to answer them because I had no history of the mansion to tell her. Later that evening the interior decorator came by to see how things were progressing. At that time Helen took the initiative to ask him about the history etc. What struck me odd was the first comments and question she asked "I keep seeing dancing on the ceiling" why would I get that feeling she asked him. He was puzzled that she ask that and then told her that the only thing he could think of was the fact of the third floor, it was a very large ornate ball room for dancing and parties upstairs. We all looked at one another with the same weird expressions of wonderment. She then was asking him about a feeling or sensing something large and white just out the window just below the window on the grounds to the left of the home. His answer was, that is where there used to be a large gazebo. Well, she was full of questions at this point and it intrigued him as well as me. She said she sensed water, he commented that he thought there was a water pond and water well down there at one time. And horses she asked. He said that in the old days the back alley was used for the horse and buggies. In the bright dressing room there was an odd panel on the south side of the room. When she asked him about it he told her that it was at one time a dumbwaiter to the lower floor. Then she asked him about some odd feelings of a room deep down below and it felt dark and cold. It surly was a huge surprise when he answered, there was a lower basement down stairs. That alone spooked me because I have never heard of a basement in Houston because of the lower elevation here at sea level being prone to flooding. She asked him about the people that lived there and he said there was a mystery about someone that lived there at one time but he had no details. It came across as if she were re-living it and seeing something from another time.

After he left we finished up our last steps of the evening. Packed up everything and left earlier than I had planned.  The next day I again picked up Helen, and we went to finish up the job at the mansion. Again we unloaded everything and went straight up to the second floor master bedroom. At this time Helen was full of curiosity and restless. I was hanging trim when all of a sudden I could hear someone upstairs whistling a couple of tunes of music. I did not think much of it at the time. When she came back into the room I asked her what tunes she was whistling. She told me that she has never been able to whistle even as a kid. At least not in a fluent melody of sweet tones and quality. I told her that I heard someone definitely whistling very loud and in a pleasant loving manor. She and I almost got on different sides about this because she coldly denied any whistling talent what so ever. I got chills up my arm. She was acting strange in a reserved way and was talking about the people that lived here before. And she felt their presence. To help make her feel better I asked her to draw what she saw. She got out paper and continued to draw a woman dressed in a white, long ornate high collar dress with high button up pointed shoes. A very detailed drawing that could be put in a frame. I was impressed so, she drew other items.

Then she got this cold look and asked me about the basement and she had visions of a gun and some mystery about the people of the mansion. To reassure her and to make her calm down I told her that I would investigate it. Without hesitation and a blind look on her face, she gave me exact instructions to get to the basement. I told her that she had no way of knowing that since she nor I, have ever been in any other part of the mansion. I followed her instructions to the T and it brought me to the seller. I opened the door and found a dark gloomy room and stairs leading down. I ventured further to find what looked like an old dusty generator. Not much else down there, an empty shelf and another door with a window in it leading up to the outside at ground level. It gave me the creeps so I left to go back upstairs. I told her what I had found and described it to her. Again she looked pale and withdrawn. It took me about 30 minutes to finish up. She was very edgy and acted oddly quiet. She expressed that she wanted to leave very quickly. I looked around and felt good about what I had accomplished with such a strange request. We packed up our things and left.

On the way to her place she was sitting in the car trembling and shaking all over with her arms folded across her chest. When I asked her several times how was she doing and what was going on, she never answered me. I continually tried to have a conversation with her but it was of no use. I kept driving and hoping she was not upset with me for any reason. Finally she shouted for me to pull over and stop. It almost set off a panic within me. She started to cry and I was trying to comfort her and asking what I could do. She kept mumbling something about "HER" get her out of here! When Helen was able to calm down and breathe normally I asked her what the hell was all that about. She said "nothing what do you mean?" I told her that I was trying to get her to tell me what she was feeling and she said that she does not remember me talking to her at all in the car. All she remembered was the cold feeling and a voice filling her head and having a touch of someone else around and within her. We sat in the car a while until I was sure she was feeling more like herself and that she was going to be ok, all alone that night. When she left the car and walked slowly to her house I had a odd feeling as well.

The next few days we chatted as if nothing had happened. She would not talk about it for several days. Finally when she did say something it was to see if I thought she was crazy. I told her that she was just not herself that night and it would probably get back to normal soon. Then she confessed that someone or something had entered her thoughts and she was seeing "HER". Of course I asked Helen the 100 questions. Some of her answers were real creepy. She was going through a transformation within the life of her new ghost consuming her every thought and making suggestions for her to investigate.

In the days, month, and years to follow the ghost keeps invading her inner self and they have conversations together. She sees "HER" and they talk about me as David as if I'm there reincarnated. Also her ghost has a brother, Daniel who is involved in this. Along with a dead lover Andrew who plays a large part in the ghost haunting. A love triangle that ended in mystery for me, yet details are still within the mind of Helen Once several years later, she and I drove to the mansion to sit outside in the car. She asked me if I could see "HER" in the upper window. I could not. Another part of the puzzle is about to unfold.

Then another strange happening. We got a wedding invitation from Ward and Suzi.Wheeler. We were happy for them. It was a beautiful day for a wedding. We looked at the invitation date and put it aside till the day of the wedding. On the way over there I felt those old feelings were stirring up again within me. All I knew was it was located in the Montrose area. Relying on my wife as my navigator I had no idea that the house address was on the same street as the mansion. After all I wasn't really into keeping up with old ghost addresses.

We got close to the house and low and behold it was the very same mansion that I have already had a connection with. Then I told her she was not going to believe this. And proceeded to explain the history facts to her. The wedding turned out to be beautiful and flawless. I was able to view the mansions glory and to reminisce over old memories. This time I was able to wander around the inside and outside of the house and ask questions. There was one person who was in charge of the mansion. I tried to get some of the answers to some questions. Again there was that story about someone that came up missing or was it the same ole mystery. We could not confirm anything because after all it was the ghost tale of Helen and we could not very well get into details with those, whom we did not know, in fear of being thought of as being labeled crazy.


It was several long years later that I was sitting at home with the TV on. I normally do not watch any TV news because it all seems like reruns to me. Just different days places and the names have been changed. Yet for some reason I walked past the TV and caught a glimpse of a story about a house fire. Immediately I paused, frozen with the view of a home with the roof covered with black bellowing smoke on fire. What caught my eye was the red brick in the style of the old homes. As I watched I kept having those strange feeling all over again. Since I missed the first part of the news cast I was glued to the TV to see what the address was. In an astonished bewilderment I was overcome with Goosebumps all over. It was the very same mansion. The fire did some damage to the roof but it was not as devastating as it looked. It was repairable. What are the odds of me walking by the TV that I normally don't watch and I was actually able to view this news cast in this close time frame?

Another strange twist to this is, Helen and I still have this incredibility close ESP between us and I knew she was going to call. Three days later I did get the call from Helen, she told me that she was riding in her car when all of a sudden she was struck with a tremendous internal weakening feeling of sadness. She had actually frozen in her car, and a police officer had to come to her car and tap on her window several times to get her out of that trance. She had seen and knew in her mind that something terrible had happened to the mansion. It was not until days later that she had found the news account of the mansion fire.

Yesterday (10/19/2007) I received a letter in the mail asking me to join the radio station to be a member. Yes it's on Lovett Blvd.   Ghost Mail?   I wonder what she wants now,,,.


November 06 2007: Another strange twist of events occurred surprisingly within one week of each other. The first was a phone call that I received, it was from Helen. She called Tuesday the 6th of November while I was driving home from work, to tell me there were several people on the 6 o'clock news being interviewed out in front to the old Lovett blvd home about the elections. The odds of this are high due to the fact that Helen as well as I don't pay hardly any attention to the TV newscast. And for her to actually be passing by the TV at the same time the story was being shown was odd in itself.


November 10 2007:  Then a couple of days after that I got an invitation by way of Email, there was going to be a singles get together at an old house that's been converted into a night club (Avant Garden) in the Montrose area. Again this ups the odds once more just by the mere address of the event. We met at 411 Westheimer, now keep in mind that the ghost house address is 411 Lovett Blvd. Yes the old house was just one half a block due north of the ghost house. The mansion and the party house are both near the edge of Taft Street which runs north and South. It is a cozy home where the downstairs section has been all opened up. A bar was put in over on the left side just past the old fireplace. Original wooden floors and woodwork all over the home.

To make it cozier they have placed quite a few antique couches and soft plush chairs throughout the home. There is a fairly large back patio and back yard with lots of tables everywhere. A balcony up above overlooks' the back yard. An odd part of the front living room has a very tall book shelf over in the corner to the right. It is on rollers, and when it is rolled from left to the right it unveils hidden stairs that leads up to the second floor. Upstairs, they have removed most all of the walls to open it up for having large parties. One of the rooms has a raised wooden dance floor. Also a bar has been added just by the back balcony.

As I walked around the house I got chills flowing through me. The messages that I felt were coming from Julia indicating that she had once known the occupants of the home in her day and time. Possible a boyfriend / lover? Another mystery. An enlightening conversation with Helen about 5 days after my night out on the town was very interesting. While we were talking about the place she brought up several strong images that she was getting from Julia. The first was of a steep staircase located on the outside of the house near the back yard. I confirmed that image because there was a narrow spiraling old rusty metal stairway leading up to the upper patio. Then to top this off she kept saying that she was seeing lots of yellow all around. Sure enough the whole house even on the outside was painted in a light pale yellow!! Not once did I even hint about the color of the building. Now think about it, how many yellow houses do you see nowadays,,,,


February 05 2008:   Here I go again. For a number of months I have been learning new magic tricks to entertain friends and family. While searching for groups of interest on the net I stumbled upon an invitation to join a magic group that wants to start up and meet once a month. Well, I jumped at this for sure. Thinking it would be a great way to learn tricks first hand. The guy that was starting this sent me back a message to let me know it is a new group that hasn't even met yet. I continued to correspond and I even offered to let the group use my house for meetings. He was very receptive about using my facilities. He even sent a group message to everyone that we could meet at my house Wednesday. To be fair he asked others for opinions about our first meeting place.

It looks like the spirits are at work again. Because there sure must have been a powerful influence upon one member because he suggested that we meet in a restaurant for our first informal get together. As you have guessed by now, it is right down the street a short distance from 411 Lovett Blvd Agora is the name and it is located at: 1712 Westheimer, Houston, Texas. This is another old house converted into a pub. For now there are only around nine members who enjoy mystical magic and are willing to share their experience. Well, I feel there's magical spirits performing at this meeting for sure.



March 19th. 2009 Another short chapter in my book of intrigue.  In continuing my love of alternative healing I met up with a woman in the Heights while performing Quantum Touch in a group. She directed me to attend a new style of healing (EFT) along with complimentary Quantum Touch sessions. And it is on the western side of Westheimer inside the loop 610. Here I go again, I got to the neighborhood early so I went looking for some fast food to hold me over. Wandering farther to the east, this compelling urge to venture to Lovett kept popping into my mind, yet there was not enough time to go there.

April 2nd. 2009 Two weeks later I got the calling to be prepared to make it to the same EFT healing session early enough to be able to go visit the mansion first. I printed out several copies of this story to pass out to those interested. One gentleman answered the door and I stood there trying to explain to him of the history I have with this majestic home. Noticing that a wall had been removed from the front entry hall and other changes had taken place. I asked a few questions about the upstairs sections and he replied that it has all been converted into offices, even the ball room.

This is why there is so much sadness expressed by Julia. I was unable to go upstairs and this tuned out to be a short conversation. However he did let me know who owns the mansion now and where to find them. Ironically it is just a few blocks down at 802 Lovett. Julia must have seen this coming. So I got in my car and traveled straight to it. A beautiful mansion for sure. I walked into the entry hall finding no one. Hearing voices in the next room led me to a young lady whom I was able to get info from. The owner's office was empty, I explained to her about my quest so she took two copies of my story and placed one on the owner's desk for them to find later. She also wanted to read my story because she has had experiences with ghost in this particular mansion. Maybe they will read it and respond. I left and found a quick place nearby to eat dinner.


April 2nd. 2009 Sitting there while eating dinner a memory popped in my head like a light bulb turning on. The Covenant House was just around the corner. Was this a coincidence or just another plan of Julia's? Got back in the car and drove straight there and I was surprised to find an open parking space exactly in front of the place. While sitting in the car contemplating about going in I notice a nice looking woman walking up to the front door and going into the building. Something stirred within me to get out at that very moment and go talk with her even though I had no idea as to who she was. When I got into the front entry hall only a receptionist was there. I tried to explain my story to her and she told me that the public relations lady was not here, then I mentioned to her about the woman whom just entered the building and described her and the receptionist said it surely must have been her even though she had not really noticed her coming back in from the other buildings.

Upon calling her she met me in the entry way, and yes it was the same lady. What are the odds, doesn't this indicate destiny leaning my way again. She was very hospitable and receptive of my story. We exchanged enough philosophic thoughts about this subject for her to sit a while longer and chat more. I guess the thought of ghost visiting back and forth between these two homes by Julia would be a mystery to ponder over. And in her day this may very well have been a home of someone she knew in her youth. Creating today's link with the children here in Covenant House. She then offered to give me a personal tour of the facilities. This pleased me quiet well. It was pleasant walking around the grounds with her because I felt as if Julia was walking beside us. Humm could this be the plot of Julia's plan? I mentioned to Carolyn that I had toyed with the idea of performing some magic tricks for the kids, this seemed to perk her interest. Time will tell as to where this will lead me. Anticipation is a mystery waiting to be unfolded.

SEPTEMBER 7TH 2011:    While I was attending one of my magic seminars a fella that is in charge of teaching magic in elementary schools asked me if I wanted a job. Great I get to be around kids and doing magic and getting paid for it. Life is good at times. As it turns out it in just a hop skip and jump away from Lovett Blvd. River Oaks Elementary School. I only teach a couple of hours after regular school hours. It's not for the pay it's for the experience and to just have fun. And I think Julia had something to do with this to get me over to her side of the town each week. Now what are the odds of me finding this kind of hook up in that part of Houston! She must have been looking out for me.

March 15th  2012:       In my quest to learn new healing modalities I found a place, The Edgar Casey Center. Located in Spring Branch. I enrolled in a finger print analysis class with some very interesting folks. I learned it so well that I went and created some computer software to go along with my new side business. One lady took an interest in me and we have been going to several places together. Keep in mind that this is all just friendship. She is on the lookout for a building to open up her own Health Expo. We went to meet at another friends place in the Montrose area for dinner and we all discussed the building plans together. After dinner we drove around the area and yes you guessed it again. We went right past the mansion. And of course I had to tell them the story about the Ghost Julia. Strange how Julia connects me with friends that have things that are in common with the House on Lovett Blvd.


May 2th 2012:   Memorial Day          There was another gathering in the air that swept me back into Julia's world. Last week I had this feeling that it has been such a long time since Julia has called upon me. I really was thinking that all of this ghost stuff was coming to a close. I am retiring from the Toshiba establishment. No longer punching the ole time clock. Soon I will be moving up to my house lot in Lake Livingston Texas. I'll build my new home and then I'll just go fishing and traveling when I want. It was like putting all the ghost trips behind me to just enjoy my retirement. I can only assume that it was me thinking about loosening up my ties with Julia. It was really her planning another way to get me over to her place.

As you recall, I have been greatly invested into all of my magic to keep me very busy. I still go to magic events usually twice a month to learn new tricks. Once a year I attend a main event that is put on by DR. Rex Crago. He always has a grand attendance with about 60 fellow magicians. There is plenty of food that has catered BBQ. And after the food we enjoy watching magic performances to inspire us all. I got my invitation to be over at Swift Blvd., Houston, TX on that Monday. As usual this is always a fun event.

Then a couple of days ago I received an email informing me that Doctor Rex was not in good enough health to host this event. And that it has been relocated to,,,,,,,   yes you guessed it.  Just two doors down. Right next to the Radio Station that is right next to Julia's Mansion.
At the French Alliance Hall   -   427 Lovett Blvd.

OK, folks, is this just getting so weird or is it me. Year after year something gets me back to Julia!!!

Again, upon entering the home you could tell that she knew every room's nook and cranny and she just wanted me to explore it with her again. However, I was unable to make it to the second floor. Typical large rooms up front. And a very large office library on the east front section. The area where the banquet was might have been added later or at least enlarged because it is very big. Everyone had a wonderful time. Lunch was great and afterwards we went into a private room that at one time may have been a dining room. This is where several magicians performed fabulous ticks to us the audience.

I got the notion that it really made Julia happy to see a grand gathering of folks just like it was in her day up on her 3rd floor ball room dance hall. Who says you can't teach an old ghost new tricks! I had already told one fella about my adventure in an email and his response was splendid. I also knew of two others that were sure to be interested if I could only get a chance to get their attention. Timing turned out just right for me to get Scott to hear my ghost story. He listened intently and thought it was marvelous. A while later he came back with several friends and they all wanted to hear the story as well. And yes it turned out be the other fella that loves ghost mysteries. You know me, if ever I get a chance to spread a little ghost writing I surly will. They were mesmerized by this tall tale yet they knew it was so overwhelming full of facts it would be impossible to just dismiss as simple coincidence. Either way I was pleased that I am still able to get Julia's story told, and that makes us both happy. Now if I could only tap into Julia's memory I could learn so much more about this ole mansion that she must have visited in grand style many times. Another destiny of mine to come true on this treasure scavenger hunt to the past.  I just Lovett "

March 6th 2014: This is most likely going to close the story in our book for now. Julia was working her usual way to connect with me again. I have been dormant for a long long time. And I think the main reason is because I have moved from my house in Houston. June 1st 2012 I retired from Toshiba Corporation. I relocated about fifty miles north in the small quaint town of Livingston Texas. The price was right and I am in the process of building my own lake home all by myself. So, trips to Houston are really out of the question because of the time involved with building and along with the cost of gas etc.

According to Helen, she and Julia have been getting heartbreaking feelings ever since the owners gutted out the house and converted it into an office complex. More than likely Julia has been manipulating folks with here dis-satisfaction about the whole uprooting of her lifestyle as a ghost.

I received an email from a complete stranger whom was probably directed to me by way of Julia. In the letter he informed me that the Lovett House is now in the process of being torn down to make room for townhouses. He included a webpage link to check it out. With this and a little more research I found another site giving more details. This saddens my heart terribly. I am not sure as to how long it will take to complete the disassembly process. I immediately thought of calling Helen to tell her the news. This was a problem due to her just having her phone shut down while transferring to a new phone company. When I finally did get with her she told me that she felt something was wrong and that Julia had expressed exasperation and sadness. Then Helen saw it on the news.  She could not get ahold of me either due to my new phone number was different in her phone. Facebook is what linked us back up with our new corresponding phone numbers. Communication issues are causing missing links. And now that the house is gone there will not be much of a reason for me to travel in that area. Well, that is unless Helen finds out that Julia is being real persistent in communicating with the new tenants in the townhouse. For now only time will tell.


I feel as if Julia is trying to tell her story through me by showing me the places where she shopped and the places she has visited and about the people she once knew. Why she picked me is a puzzle, I guess I'm more susceptible to being drawn physically to her locations, and Helen is the one she chose to communicate with verbally and visually.

This story intrigues me as well. It has evolved into a personal experience that has consumed my commitment, while keeping me on the edge of the seat with anticipation of what she may want or where she will want me to be next. Ask yourself, are we merely puppets in a play directed by spirits from above?


I don't know if or when it will happen again, I just know the feelings will never go away. Helen still sees and communicates with "HER" and has come to a somewhat understanding as to why they are connected. In the early years it was a hard struggle for Helen to cope with this trauma. In fear of being crazy or being judged as weird she just kept this to herself. To unravel the mystery we would have to go beyond the minds of others to seek our answers. However, there are always new adventures to uncover. For instance Helen has recently discovered that her own daughter is capable of viewing those ghostly horrible visions and is trying to understand her experiences and what they could mean. Although this is only my story and any actual ghostly realities cannot be proven, however, all the trips and meetings are true facts that cannot be dispelled. It still is a mystery as to why I would be driven as if by destiny to this area time and time again for over the past twenty-five years!

The year, around 1989. I was a single guy again by this time and I had joined a new program for dating. This was the cutting edge of pre-internet. This company VideoTell had formed a network of singles that were given a computer terminal - screen combo that allowed us to text message to all that were members. It was a lot of fun from day one. We had only about 20 folks to chat with each night so we got to know each other pretty good. Mostly men with just a few ladies to start. Eventually it got up to around 200 people on it every night. We were getting together at group meetings and parties and excursions to the go-karts to park picnics. Life was fine.

During the many conversations with various members, I began to chat with a single girl whom invited me to a fund raising event at the radio station where she volunteered to work at. Sounded like fun to me so I got the address and began to drive over there that evening. Some odd feelings were stirring within because it was bringing back thoughts long forgotten. I could not believe my eyes when I found the radio station located in a very old home. It was located exactly next door to the mansion on Lovett Blvd. What are the odds of being pulled to that place again after all those years? I wasn't even in the trim business anymore. I went in the radio station and looked around. I also went out to the back yard where they had drinks and refreshments on tables. Lots of folks walking around talking and enjoying the party atmosphere.

The woman that I was there to meet was a mystery lady that I never saw. Curiosity got to me so I walked over to the mansion and looked all around the house. I noticed lots of things that didn't really stand out before. There was a garage apartment in back along with the fence separating us from the alley and I also noticed the grass almost covering the entrance to the outside cellar door. In my mind I was imagining what or who was always looking through that small obscure window. I felt like I was back in the 1920's with sounds of old cars and horse buggies busily going about their business. I took in all its grander and placed a memory marker in my mind. Strange how you can get the feelings, yet to not actually see those nearly invisible ghost. As I left the area I felt as if I will always wonder why I was led to this mystery house by that mystery lady.

That year I found another lady that I would soon get married to. We met on the same singles computer network. We went out dating and going to different night clubs. At one place we finally met up with another couple that were members of the same dating club.

For the next couple of years we all got together now and then. In 1991 we had a child born between us, Brittany. Again life was good.

April 07. I'm still single and I keep looking for that special lady using another dating service. With this one I have connections with many folks that get together now and then. With email flying back and forth the imagination of having that one and only love connection keeps floating in my mind. Someone whom I had met before was having a party and invited me thinking I might actually find that heavenly single angel. Yes you guessed right, it was only blocks away east from 411 Lovett Blvd. The social gathering was fun and I felt that someone was looking over my shoulder all the while. I got the impression that I was being rewarded by "HER" for good deeds done sometime in the past. It was like a clue that there were to be more reasons to draw me closer in the near future.


In the past several years I have become interested in alternative health issues. Feelings that I've had from within me, the capability of being able to help and to console others in a healing sort of way. I enrolled in several alternative classes. Became certified, and actually conduct healing sessions now. The folks I treat ask as to where I get this gift, all I can say is I am directed and guided. This leads me to the fact that I came in contact with a health colleague, Roland at the alternative health center. It was around the first part of April 07. I hadn't heard from him for quite awhile until I received an email from him about a month later inviting me to attend a new health center and to get acquainted with the folks there. I almost fell out of my chair when I notice the area. And yes it was only one block away exactly due south directly behind the Mansion. Again, drawn to the area for what reason?


Because of all the spiritualism in the air and weird things going on in my mind I was compelled to get back in touch with Helen again. This time it's to settle a lot of unanswered questions. To relive the past for one day and to extract the real story as felt and experienced by Helen and I and "HER".  I called Helen that Friday to tell her about the unusual coincidence with my health colleague inviting me to the new health center and what are the odds of that.  She concluded that it was time to make another visit down memory lane to the mansion. She came over to my house and we got into a lot of the details. This time I turned on the tape recorder to capture this wisdom in sound. Taking us back in time we ventured to those mansion walls revealing images trapped in Helens mind. I somehow felt drawn to concur the facts in a way that was being transported to my mind by way of "HER" It was not voices exactly, more of a feeling that if an experience was expressed by Helen I somehow knew it was true. Like, I'm being used as backup and to strengthen the facts between us. I began by stating some of the original dialog that took place during those first days back in 1985.  This draft will be written as if the three of us etc. are close together and are being interviewed by each other. Like in a slumber party where we are all sitting on the floor in a circle telling ghost stories.

The day we went back. It's been several years since we have seen the old mansion. Driving up to the place we felt despair and intrigue at the same time. There was a tall black iron fence all around it with big locks on all the gates. Beautifully restored, yet no life abound. The yard had a major overhaul with all new plants, bushes and flowers. The view was very pleasing to the eyes. They had a new gazebo built in a different location than the original setting. Where the water pond was, there is now a very large brick patio. Trees have been cut down. And all the grass in the back yard was replaced with a parking lot. The building was occupied with offices and looked as if there was a computer in every room. It's all commercialism now. Just a cold building that replaced a beautiful living home. Seems to be a new extra large fireplace on the west side of the home. The driveway to the back carriage house has been filled in with grass. Overall it's majestic on the outside without a heart on the inside. At least that is the way Julia feels now. Helen and I walked all around the place searching for clues and images. Well naturally Helen spotted Julia in the upper windows right away. There was excitement between the two because they were actually seeing each other in person so to speak. Moving from room to room and going up through each floor they kept track of one another. As describe before, she was wearing a long off white dress with lace, high top button up black pointed shoes. Julia had a message for Helen "STAY". It confused her for awhile, so we just walked around and I took pictures. Trying to capture the essence within the soul of the home, my camera clicked away. At least we would have some evidence to look at after days have gone by. Exchanging old memories of how it was back then and how it is now was a perplexing montage of images. We were trying to remember all the details of the day when we first got there. Going over where we did this or that and what was here and there. And what we did and what the rooms looked like. Comparing notes we got it down on paper with extra added comments.

As we chatted Helen was picking up emotions of Julia and it conveyed the sadness they felt. At one point Helen told me to look for "HER", Julia told her to tell me to walk to the front fence and put my hands on the cold steel gate. It felt as if it were humming with electricity then I felt the pounding of her heart, at least emotionally. I had a connection and a bond that I was searching for. So you see, Helen works with words and images, I work best with inner feelings.  When we reached the east side of the mansion we could see clearly all its detail. She noticed the cellar doors and this caused a terrible chill of pain to run up and down throughout her body. Helen cringed and horrid images consumed her thoughts. That set off a flag of escape and the instinct to run. Getting her to calm down I reminded her that Julia has spoken to her asking her to "stay".

At that time she noticed someone extra in the second floor window. Asking me to describe what I saw was frustrating to Helen because she insisted that I saw her as well. I was frantic with hope that a person would see us and maybe open the gate and let us in. I searched and searched and saw nothing.  It was not Julia. Helen could still see Julia in the third floor window. This was a second spirit that she had never seen before. Described as an elderly lady, possible Julia's mother? This captured her curiosity for the moment. The link between her and Julia needed more explanations about this new spirit. It was confusing to Helen so she let it go for now. We needed more time to comprehend what just took place.  This had drained the level of energy to an unpleasant low in Helen and she was ready to leave. We concluded that, this is why we were drawn here today. An extra piece to the puzzle. Mysteries opened up again, now Helen would have to go home and ponder the thoughts and to gather up enough strength to re-visit Julia. So, the story goes on in a path that we haven't traveled on before. Will there ever be enough clues to complete this adventure. Time will tell one way or another, if we live long enough to figure it out. Or will we have to die to know the spiritual answers first hand,,,,

November 14 2007:  Again, another link to this mystery chain is from an email that I received from someone that I have never known or heard of. She said she had read in my singles profile on line about me being certified in the health modality of BodyTalk. She invited me to attend her once a month get-together's to practice BodyTalk sessions on Wednesday. This really excites me because I used to attend these kind of meetings near Sugar Land Texas years ago. I really want to upgrade and refresh my talents in this area. I gladly accepted the invitation not having any clue as to where it was to be.

Yes, it is only just a few blocks north of Lovett Blvd on the corner of Taft Street and Drew St.  For years I have been led around the area just west, south and north, within blocks of the mansion for what reasons I do not know. November 13th 2007:   I got a phone call from Helen telling me that Julia was trying to connect with me this weekend or during the week about something a "Sign" or a "Message". Helen was not sure just what Julia had in mind.


November 14th 2007:   I got a phone call from Helen around 10:15 am. She told me that Julia contacted her in the kitchen just before Helen had a chance to get a cup of coffee. The subject was about children, and these numbers popped into her head 1111   associated with another word Covenant. It was unclear as to what Julia wanted at first. Then Julia blurted out to Helen to turn on the TV. At this time it's getting to be no surprise as to where this is leading.  Again the subject was on TV about children being taken care of at a place called Covenant House located at 1111 Lovett Blvd. That is when Julia gave a clear cue and said "Call David Now".  Of course me being David as well, she called me at work to give me more detail as to their conversation. While she and I were talking on the phone Helen was trying to interpret images and thoughts being conveyed from Julia. Quick mental visual instructions and conversations about things that could happen with me. It is like I am to go to different locations, (With visions of possible directions from Julia). Helen said something about a bar and 4 or so ladies mingling upstairs. Also, there is something about a large house or building with a large outside porch upstairs that might be in the near future in which I might possibly be involved with. We may find out more about this in the future, time will tell......

I immediately did a search on the computer and located the 1111 address using the map and the sky-view function. It is an old white two story home just one block west of Montrose Blvd. And just a very short distance from Julia's house.  Did Julia know the folks that lived in that house years ago? I don't know what all this means but it is also odd that in the last two mornings I have been listening intently to the radio station broadcasting several children, talking about their problems with cancer and about getting help from others to comfort them while they are in need. It really hit me in my heart and when Helen spoke of the children's house on Lovett Blvd it sent chills up my spine. What is this connection????  Am I destiny's puppet? I must confess, secretly I have been contemplating about putting on a magic show for those in hospitals and even the elderly in nursing homes. It never occurred to me to check into run away children's homes. This has potential for fun while helping those along the way,,,, By the way, for the last 3 months I have had this strong compulsion, obsession to constantly learn and gather a wide variety of magic tricks to perform. I have already performed several times and places with friends and relatives, I just love it!  Hummm doesn't that rhyme with Lovett,,,

THE ELISSA 1877 and NOW2010

April 28th Wednesday was an invitation to attend a seminar / singles - sailing club meeting at a local restaurant (Capone's).  Yes, again on Westheimer road not far from 411 Lovett blvd. right next to one of Julia's other place of destiny that I attended a while back. The Quantum Touch Healing seminar. This of course was a clue from Julia that I should be there because of my personal tie in with the sailing ship that was towed to Galveston in the late 70's. I was there on that day and took photos. This meeting was for a history tour of the ship and for the sailing club to try to enroll new members. It was a very good video presentation with lots of neat photos. There were three Elissa crew members giving us their personal knowledge of the ship.

I know that Julia has to find a subject matter that will draw me towards her side of town. Well, this one surely did, since I am always interested in the ship the Elissa. Her motive may have very well been based on a possibility that some of her past relatives or friends may have actually been present at the time the Elissa traveled into the port of Galveston. It would be cool if Julia had a connection with this beautiful sailing vessel. Either way it did draw me to her side of town and along with an intuition of her presence standing close by my side.


June 2nd 2010: Julia must be working overtime these days. Seems the Psychic development Classe that I have been taking over the last several weeks at Center Point have been aimed at my inner connection with her. The classes are great, Ingrid is the facilitator that teaches us how to get in contact with guides and or just our inner feelings to pick up on psychic connections. In each session we are brought through a guided meditative state of relaxation. Afterwards we are paired up with a partner to exchange our thoughts and feelings about one another. During each weekly session I was amazed as to the information that I was able to tap into. One lady had me see that she was into bible studies and going on a vacation. The next week with a different partner we exchanged a personal item to hold and try to visualize our thoughts of the person's life by just holding their object. Again it took me by surprise when I told her that I felt she had a cleaning maid, she confirmed this along with my images of her vast shoe collection (over 200) and the fact that she loved to write, (Heavy into Blogging). I was on target of 3 out of 4 times. At the last meeting I was able to communicate through a medium, to my grandfather. I also picked up on the medium that she had experienced a miscarriage once and she confirmed this as well.

I guess Julia was working in the background all the while. So I should thank her. I should have known there was a method to her madness. I had already joined up with the Psychic Circle, group on line so I was receiving invitations to the next meetings. I presumed that they all would be at Center Point. Well, when I opened the email I was a bit surprised because it was to be held elsewhere. As usual it turned out to be just several streets to the South West of Lovett Blvd. In a little place called: Hobbit Café on Richman Ave. This is where we had dinner and after that we exchanged ideas and enjoyed a personal psychic reading from Ingrid Karazincir. Someday I may be able to tap into Julia's world, stay tuned in.

June 14th. 2010: Just an update in my urge to pursue my magical commitment. I have created a new club Magical Illusions with several magicians. I am in the process of looking for a meeting place. Two options of: the Montrose area and the other is in the Heights area. I set out today on my new motorcycle to scout the local restaurants in the Montrose area first. As of this date the club is just starting out and our first meeting has not evolved.  I am not sure as to where our magical meetings will be held. However, the website of our magic club was located at:  Eventually closed this due to lack of ghost magicians enrolled.

I can't really say if Julia had any part in this day because in my mind it was my idea to search the Montrose area. Either way she has me in her circle of attention once again. I decided to return to the mansion just to check in with Julia. I went ahead and parked next to her home (office) while noticing a gentleman talking on the phone on the upstairs balcony. Looking around, I decided to go up and ask a couple of questions. It has been a burning desire of mine to actually look into the Master Bedroom once again. Luck would have it or was it a direction from Julia, the gentleman was courteous and kind enough to ask me of my interest. Excited and precautious as I told him about the remodeling back in 1985. It must have got his curiosity up as well so he invited me in to view the upper level.

The view was a complete makeover, not displeasing as an office goes, yet heart breaking as to the grandeur of the old mansion of its glory days. We spoke for quite a while as I told him a very short version of my story. The master bedroom no longer displayed my talented Victorian style of crown molding. It represented the modern corporate world. Progress always moves forward so this was just destiny unfolding day by day. I can see why Julia would miss her view of the original floor plan. As I understand it the home was completely gutted and rebuilt after the fire. They even installed a new elevator. There was the chatter of busy busy in the air and folks were working away at daily task, oblivious as to the rich history of this glorious mansion.

In my mind I tried to convey to Julia that all is ok and that her story will be told someday. I will never know if she will learn to appreciate the company of all the office personnel. I just hope that she lets them know of her presence in a gentle way. And that they will welcome her in her own home as a family would do. Leaving once again I just said bye for now, knowing very well this story is a never ending endeavor.

By the way I did mention to him the web address of this very story, and I just know he looked it over, so "Thanks" for taking the time to listen to my odd ghost story. Julia asks that those whom read my story will pass this on to others. Comfort is the feeling I believe she seeks from those within her home.

Before I went home I did stop by the Covenant House to see if there might be of any interest in our new magic group presenting a show now and then. They gave me the forms to fill out. So, time will tell as to my next move. Possibly only Julia knows.
Trust me if Julia gets me back in that area where the house once stood
I will definitely be back at my keyboard with new details.

Haunting Chronicles of Julia, Daniel and Andrew, in cooperation with Helen and I

Thank you for reading my unsolved mystery of a ghost haunting.
By Wiley David Hodges
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