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Families brought together with love,,,,,,

   Welcom to DreamCraft !        

Fly in your mind to a place where only dreams can take you.

This Home page is my personal way of sharing my family with you.
I have family photos, My complete family list of names, Lots of my poetic quotes

My name is Wiley David Hodges

Poetic Thoughts


If only I could convey all of my thoughts and feelings to the complete human race  and to express  the importance to share love  and to  give yourself openly to another without the fear of ever being rejected or set aside.  Because I would like to choose now  to say aloud to every living  soul" I LOVE YOU ".  Is it  not  our  souls journey to convey our goals of compassion  for our fellow man.  To help our brothers and sisters in our moments  of spiritual awareness, and to  uplift their emotions and to cast away any thoughts of sorrow, pain and loneliness. If everyone  would try caring of the other souls other  than thinking only of themselves. then we should be reminded of  how hurt we can be! So  let's try to imagine  that we are everyone within each other  and that we  are all one and the same, and that we should treat  everyone as if their name  were the same as our own.   To see a  reflection of ourselves in the eyes of every living soul.  And be  thankful that we are alive, and that we  can make a difference in the  hearts  of our fellow  friends, just by the encouragement  of a kind word.  A simple "Hello"  with a jester of love  in our smiling faces.  To glow  and to spread this  warm feeling in us that haunts our minds  to unleash our good nature in a natural  and unselfish  exchange of love. Let's cast upon one another the spell of truly caring of the  others thoughts and actions. For we need this bond between man to hold our worlds together, each  contributing  his or  her own  goodwill, that  we'll build with a spiritual and mental force of energy to create a world of happy and trusting  soul mates.  As we should remember  we are all  brothers and sisters!  A life is never so precious until it is worthy of exchanging places with your  fellow neighbors.  Don't hold back your  feelings or to ever be afraid to express  your inner thoughts  of pure  compelling words like  " I LOVE YOU ".   When your time is over will you want to look back an say you tried your best.  When your time is up it will be to late to tell the ones that you knew  how much you appreciated them in your heart.  Your mind may have a thousand unspoken words locked up deep within.  It will be  a sorrowful regrettable thought to take to Heaven, feeling that you could have said more or done more to help and to  comfort a dear  friend in need.  When each of us  need friends to accompany us in this journey through our travels to places in time and space. I'm looking forward to carrying on my part !   Now all I ask of you is to put forth all of your effort within your soul to do your part.

Wiley David Hodges

I live in Livingston Texas, USA.

Originally from Fort Worth Tx, I moved to Houston in 1977 and because of the nice climate I decided to stay in south Texas. June 2012 I moved to Livingston Texas.

I have many interest such a photography, computers, writing, antiques, boating, motorcycles, tropical fish, and genealogy. Check me out on Facebook as well as:  Wiley David Hodges

I have been involved in alternative healing sense 1999 and this is the passion in life that I love. If you are interested in learning more about: MMS - Quantum Touch  -  BodyTalk  -  Kathara Healing then please send me an email. You can also get info on You Tube to review. For a free session just mention you read about this on my webpage.

My occupation has mostly been in:  Electronics / Office / Computers.

I'm looking for relatives who are interested in their roots. Family names I'm searching for: Hodges, Martin, Walker, Faulkner, Vaughn and many others. If you know of any
Hodges or Martin etc, families, please let me know. Feel free to check in my surname Link page to see if you have any connections.  Thanks

Contact me with Email: dreamcraft@juno.com

More Later,,,,,,,

I'm still adding items to my page, so,check back in now and then.

More Later,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,